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As a result of the unprecedented success of the Ilkley Concert Club over more than 30 years, a Myth has become established to the effect that there is no point in trying to join the Club and take out an annual subscription because all seats are sold in advance to existing members. This is quite simply NOT TRUE!


It is true that about 90% of seats are re-booked every season (a measure of that success) - BUT it means that about 10% of seats have always been available for new applications. In fact it has always been true that the majority of these have been successful in taking out a subscription at their first attempt and that anyone who has been unsuccessful has always succeeded at the second attempt.


Furthermore, non-members are always able to book tickets for individual concerts.


So! - do not delay but:


Click here to see information on how to book Season tickets


 Click here to see information on how to book tickets for individual concerts