Club Notes - Francois-Frederic Guy concert - 11 October 2017 Print

With a wonderful 72nd Season to look forward to, we welcome forty New Members. Everyone who has a Season Ticket automatically becomes a Member of Ilkley Concert Club. The number of New Members is quite large because, sadly, we had an unusually large number of resignations this year. Many were from loyal long-standing Members who are feeling the effects of age — one had been a Member for over 40 years. One result is that our waiting list is the smallest since your current Chairman joined the committee. Do tell your friends and acquaintances that the 73rd Season (2018-2019) should give them a good chance of a Season Ticket if they apply as soon as possible after receiving their Season Brochure June 2018.



Our AGM will be held in the King's Hall at 7pm on 8 November before our next concert. All Members are welcome.


If we were able to sell your seat for the May concert of the last Season, you can collect the refund in the interval or at the end of this concert at the counter by the Winter Garden stairs.


Thank you to the good number of Members who volunteered for the rota to serve Tea and Coffee in the intervals. Most of them were asked to do it for just one of the concerts, but some have agreed to do a couple. It underlines how important volunteers are for the Club. Much of the work for the Club is done by volunteers, one of whom is Pip Cowling, who now organises the coffee services.


The very helpful King's Hall Staff are principally here for your safety so please make sure that you follow their instructions when asked. The musical matters are the responsibility of ICC — contact any committee member if you have concerns or comments. The Club has agreed that the platform lighting should be set up to satisfy the Artists, with the help of the King's Hall technical staff.


Heather Beaumont died in 2016 having been a Member for 32 Seasons. She very kindly acknowledged the great pleasure she had experienced at Ilkley Concert Club concerts by leaving us a legacy in her will.