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Do I need to become a Patron?


It is entirely up to you. The concept of a Patron was introduced to enable Members to gain a priority when booking a season ticket. It also enabled many, long-standing, appreciative members to donate something more than the minimum Patron’s donation to support such a successful club.


As voluntary gifts, Patron’s donations are eligible for treatment as 'Gift Aid' payments, allowing the Club to have the additional benefit of substantial tax refunds from the Inland Revenue.

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What should I do if my application for membership has been unsuccessful because the available tickets were over-subscribed?


First thing is don’t give up, because you will have priority if you re-apply next year especially if you apply as a Patron. It would be unusual for a priority reapplication to fail.


Secondly, do not give up on attending this season’s concerts. We have a very good system for members to return their tickets, for re-sale, if they expect to miss a concert. If you follow the advice given, you will be able to get tickets for every concert (FAQ - How do I buy ticket(s) for individual concerts?). 

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What happens if I know, in advance, that I cannot attend a particular concert?


Because of the Club's popularity, it is particularly important that a good and efficient ticket re-sale system is in place. A great tradition has built up whereby Concert Club Members let us know if they cannot attend a concert so that their seats can be made available for re-sale. Please give the Single Ticket Booking Secretary as much notice as possible and we will try to re-sell your ticket(s). Her contact details are:


By email

Contact Jennie Rundle at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  as soon as you are able. Please be sure that you make clear which concert you will be missing, give your seat numbers and remember to include your phone contact details.


By phone

Please phone Jennie Rundle on 01943 609045 between 10 am and 7 pm only please, and up to 1 pm on Concert day. If you reach the answer phone please speak clearly and leave your name, telephone number, the concert that you will be missing and your seat numbers. Jennie will make your tickets available for possible re-sale and will not normally ring you back unless you specifically request a return call. 


You do not need to physically return your tickets so long as we have the ticket numbers. If we re-sell your ticket(s), you will be offered a refund of the amount you paid. Should you choose not to claim your refund, it will be treated as a donation to the club and, as such, can attract a 'Gift Aid' from the Inland Revenue.

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Am I able to help with the running of Ilkley Concert Club?


Yes, we are always on the look-out for new, enthusiastic and knowledgeable committee members, especially those with special skills that would be of value to the club. If committees are not for you, then additional programme sellers and coffee assistants are always welcome. If you think you can help, please speak to a committee member at a concert or contact the Chairman [01943 604178].

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I understand that accommodation is provided for Artists, can I assist with this?


Yes, you certainly can help. Ilkley Concert Club has an enviable reputation with musicians and their agents because of the high standards of hospitality that we show to our visiting artists (and sometimes their travelling families!). It is always a two-way relationship, because many of us have thoroughly enjoyed post-concert evenings (over a nibble and a bottle or three!!) with the hugely interesting people who have entertained us earlier. It is truly a privilege to host such people.


Prior to the concert, we offer artists an evening meal at a nearby restaurant so it is usually only necessary to offer breakfast and a snack and drink after the concert. The Club has a policy of reimbursing the reasonable costs of this hospitality – so that we can feel free to ask you again! Details vary and can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary.

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Is it possible to provide sponsorship to Ilkley Concert Club?


Yes, you could choose a concert or an artist to sponsor either wholly or in partnership with other interested sponsors. Please speak to David Wharmby (01943 604178) for further details.

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Is it possible to advertise in the eight concert programmes ?


Yes. Please contact David Pyett (01943 609744) for further details.

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