How do I book Season Tickets? PDF Print E-mail

Season tickets for the 72nd Season (2017/18) will be posted to successful applicants after 9 August 2016. The following general guidance may help you to plan for a future season. Tickets for individual concerts can almost always be obtained - click here for details.


You can either obtain a Brochure, which includes the Booking Information and a Booking Form, from local libraries, the Ilkley Visitor Information Centre or:


If you would like to receive a Brochure by post, please contact:


 Pam Harris [Membership Organiser]

 01943 608585

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  




Please take great care to observe the Booking Priorities and:

  • If you are a current Member, ensure that you re-apply on or before the priority booking date, which is notified in the Brochure for each season and which is available on this website (see Home Page).
  • New Subscribers should apply as early as possible, because available seats are allocated in order of receipt of allocation and there may be an insufficient number of seats to meet the full demand. Unsuccessful applicants gain some priority if they re-apply again for the following season.


Send your completed Booking Form and fee to the Booking Secretary at:

Pam Harris,

ICC Membership Organiser, 

10 Wells Court, ILKLEY, LS29 9LG.

01943 608585