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The Ilkley Concert Club website was set up in time for the 60th Diamond Jubilee Season and was totally revised in July 2010 in time for the 65th Season. It is now possible to access details for each of the concerts since October 2010 where you can see: The Concert Details, Performers' details, the Concert Review, the Recommended Recordings of the music (starting with 65th Season, Concert 6) and the Club Notes from the Concert Programme. 
71st Season 2016-17 
70th Season 2015-16
69th Season 2014-15
68th Season 2013-14
67th Season 2012-13
66th Season 2011-12
65th Season 2010-11


You may also access the brochure details from the previous five seasons by clicking on your choice below:


64th Season 2009-10
63rd Season 2008-09
62nd Season 2007-08
61st Season 2006-07
60th Diamond Jubilee Season 2005-06